Minus the Rental Shoes

An infusion of football and bowling, football bowling combines the accurate passing of professional football with a 10-pin game of recreational bowling.


No reservations required! Walk-in bowlers are always welcome. Whether it's a contest of one on one or team of two on two, the first to knock down all 10 pins wins. Bringing a group? Partner up and then challenge the winner, while others indulge in a little pre-competition razzing. If you're a single bowler, don't be shy, we will pair you up with other single bowlers. Our staff will ensure that football bowling becomes one of your new favorite pastime.


$10 / hour (per player)

Special Events

We can all agree, football is KING in Texas! But how would you choose your teammate in a challenge of football infused bowling?  Put a new twist on the typical birthday party or "dare we say it" corporate team building event. Channel your inner Drew Brees or Earl Anthony. (It's now ok to Google Earl Anthony.) But don't over estimate your "mad skills," traditional techniques don't always prove successful in this hybrid sport.


Mon - Thu

$100 / 1 hour (1-10 players)

$180 / 2 hours (1-10 players)

Fri - Sun

$125 / 1 hour (1-10 players)

$225 / 2 hours (1-10 players)


Interested in our football bowling league? Sign up now! Teams include three to six players. Two players from each team will compete against one another - each team playing two games per night. Leagues include seven weeks of head to head matches. Followed by a tournament on week eight. Never played? Not a problem. An Hatchet Alley official will rountinely make the rounds to explain rules, answer questions, and settle disputes.


$200 / per team (3-6 players)

1st league starts in January 2020

Football Bowling at Hatchet Alley, Austin Tx